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Xilisoft Mobile Phone Manager FAQ


Q: Cannot find phone device?

A:1.If your phone is connected via USB, please make sure the cable is connected and Microsoft ActiveSync is correctly installed.
   Download Micosoft ActiveSync (Windows XP)
   Download Micosoft ActiveSync (Windows Vista)
   2.If connecting via Bluetooth, please make sure that you have installed and launched your phone application.


Q: Failed to connect phone?

A: 1. If connecting via USB, please note your phone prompt. Some operations may need you to confirm on your phone. Connection will be failed if confirming is overtime.
    2. If your phone is connected via Bluetooth, please make sure your phone Bluetooth is turned on, and the Bluetooth device on PC is correctly installed.
    (1) If you have installed phone application, please launch.
    (2) If you havn't installed phone application, please follow the steps below:
    Step 1 Please save the phone application to your hard disk. Run Xilisoft Mobile Phone Manager Help and click "Tips". Find "Failed to connect phone" and click MPMServer.CAB to download.
    Step 2 Please copy it to your phone.
    Step 3 Please install the application on your phone and launch.


Q: Does the sync with Outlook influence its use?

A: After synchronizing the software with Outlook, it will have effect on reopening Outlook. Please open task manager to manually end Outlook.exe process to fix this problem.


Download ActiveSync:


For XP   For Vista


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

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